So here we are…


And so to my very first blog post! I have decided that 2012 will be the year that I write a blog about my adventures and hopefully I can keep it up throughout the year. I’ve tried keeping diaries before but never really got anywhere so this time I have decided to make it one of my new years resolutions (of which I am making five but more about that later), in the hope that that will spur me on. I intend to document my dabblings, travels and family goings on, they are a crazy bunch so it should make for some hopefully interesting reading.

I’ve decided to start my blog a few days before the new year as so to give myself time to introduce us as a family and get into the swing of this blogging malarky, I read quite a few blogs regularly including a particularly wonderful one by a lovely lady called Kylie who is a fellow premmie parent and genuinely lovely lady, and they have inspired me to write my own. I’m hoping at least one person may find it interesting, if not maybe it will be catartic for me.

I’m off now to try and find you something interesting to write about. 🙂



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