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Going around in circles


It’s been a busy few weeks in the Cottingham household and a few crafty projects have finally been finished and are now in use, awards have been won (you can read more about that here, new jobs have been gained (well done Mr. C) and we’ve had a fair few adventures with the two monkey’s.

So back to the crafty projects… for Christmas we bought Mr/Daddy C a kindle. He had yet to get a case for it so I took it upon myself to make him one that was a bit more personal than your run of the mill black leather one. I’m very much getting in to the spirit of upcycling so I had a mooch around upstairs and found two rather cool t-shirts that had been our boys as babies. The red ‘rock n rolla’ one had belonged to Elijah and the black ‘Beatles’ one to Noah. I already had some felt (for a cosy inside), wadding and interfacing but needed a pretty button to add that finishing touch. So off for a morning out me and Chopsy go, first a lovely wool shop in Wolleston called Stepalong, this place sells just about everything you could ever imagine and I seriously think if you went in and said you’d be doing open heart surgery they’d have the right kit. After the rather fabulous matt black star button was obtained we managed to squeeze in a quick cuppa and a chocolate shortbread at The Ruskin Glass Centre where we saw this rather inspiring little quote:Image

Anyway, I digress… so the crafting took place yesterday afternoon and I must say (and I believe Mr. C too) am pretty happy with the result. I won’t bore you with the in’s and out’s of the making you can find that here. but here are a couple of photo’s I took along the way.



ImageImage      Just couldn’t resist rescuing this rather rock and roll little label out of Elijah’s t-shirtImageImage

So there you go, the finished article complete with cosy, snuggly kindle baby. Pretty chuffed with the way it turned out, may have to make myself one one day so my little kindle baby has a choice.

Other crafty project of the week was some crochet wristwarmers. I have a million and one tiny odd balls of wool (much to Mr. C’s dismay and Chopsy’s joy) so I thought this would be an awesome project to use a few up while also making myself something rainbow coloured and pretty to cheer up the gloomy winter mornings on the school run. I got the pattern from Ravelry which I love so much even if it does encourage me to start so many projects without actually finishing many off. You can find it here if you wanna take a look: Colourful Stripey Mitts Pattern. I finially finished them off this morning after sewing in what felt like an eternity of loose ends, it did give me a good chance to chase Dibble last night though with Mommy’s wormy gloves! 🙂 So here is my finished article complete with bargain 2 pairs for 50p primark stretchy gloves. I have the freakishly small hands of a child so the fact that you could tailor the pattern to yourself as you went along was perfect for me. Also please note that it is really really hard to take a photograph of your own hands so must of these efforts are taken using the timer function I discovered. 🙂

So there you go! Super well done to you if you managed to even get this far… I know I go on a bit!

Smoochers! xxx


A Rock And A Hard Place!


So much for blogging everyday eh! Ho hum, well at least I have made it here in some shape or form after the new year. So today, as the title states I find myself between a rock and a hard place… let me explain! I have always been a creative sort, I knit, sew, crochet, bead, make, decorate, up-cycle, scrapbook, bake and even managed to sneak in a degree along the way in Graphic Communication (graphic design but the posh sort… he he). I love playing around with things and seeing where I come out at the other end but over the last few years (probably due to a certain two small monkeys who shall remain nameless… Elijah and Noah) I have found myself in a bit of a design wasteland. I don’t really have any direction or anything to focus on so I sort of bounce around doing a bit of allsorts when I find the time and never really getting very far with anything, so why has this led me to sit here moaning at you I hear you cry?

A few days ago I had what I concider to be a fairly big birthday… I was 29. This year will be the last of my 20’s and I intend to do something productive in it (not that the last few years spent raising my two gremlins hasn’t been productive… they rock!) I have some wonderfully creative friends and am very very fortunate to live in an area with a lively craft and arts community, I make no secret to the ever suffering hubby that my utter dream in life would be to have my own studio somewhere, making pretty things with only a radio, kettle and electric heater for company (seasonal obviously!). So with all this in mind I have decided to go back to my roots and be creative once more. I’ve just signed up to an awesome website called pinterest which has sparked my creative juices… please feel to have a look but there isn’t a lot there at present. The hubby joined up too (he’s a design and technology teacher) and found this little gem:

Spurred a little flurry of creativity in me yesterday

So with all of that wonderful advice in mind I have been out this morning and purchased myself a gorgeous new sketchbook and I’m sat here with an enormous cup of coffee. Let the creativity commence!