A Rock And A Hard Place!


So much for blogging everyday eh! Ho hum, well at least I have made it here in some shape or form after the new year. So today, as the title states I find myself between a rock and a hard place… let me explain! I have always been a creative sort, I knit, sew, crochet, bead, make, decorate, up-cycle, scrapbook, bake and even managed to sneak in a degree along the way in Graphic Communication (graphic design but the posh sort… he he). I love playing around with things and seeing where I come out at the other end but over the last few years (probably due to a certain two small monkeys who shall remain nameless… Elijah and Noah) I have found myself in a bit of a design wasteland. I don’t really have any direction or anything to focus on so I sort of bounce around doing a bit of allsorts when I find the time and never really getting very far with anything, so why has this led me to sit here moaning at you I hear you cry?

A few days ago I had what I concider to be a fairly big birthday… I was 29. This year will be the last of my 20’s and I intend to do something productive in it (not that the last few years spent raising my two gremlins hasn’t been productive… they rock!) I have some wonderfully creative friends and am very very fortunate to live in an area with a lively craft and arts community, I make no secret to the ever suffering hubby that my utter dream in life would be to have my own studio somewhere, making pretty things with only a radio, kettle and electric heater for company (seasonal obviously!). So with all this in mind I have decided to go back to my roots and be creative once more. I’ve just signed up to an awesome website called pinterest which has sparked my creative juices… https://pinterest.com/mischiefbec/ please feel to have a look but there isn’t a lot there at present. The hubby joined up too (he’s a design and technology teacher) and found this little gem:

Spurred a little flurry of creativity in me yesterday

So with all of that wonderful advice in mind I have been out this morning and purchased myself a gorgeous new sketchbook and I’m sat here with an enormous cup of coffee. Let the creativity commence!


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