Red and yellow and pink and green…


Do you know when a day just goes really well? When life just seems effortless and even the slightly rubbish things don’t get you down? Well today has been one of those days. 🙂 I’m trying to learn to see the beauty in the world, not to get bogged down in the detail and to pretty much sit back and enjoy it. Not really sure what’s changed in me over the last few months but suddenly life feels a lot less like hard work and there seems to have been more good than bad (I’ve said it now). Anyway, yesterday it was freezing, me and Mr. Chops had dropped Dibble at nursery and had had a wonder to the bakery (omm nom nom), on the way home I have to cross the train line (I live on the wrong side of the tracks you see) and it is a boggy mess at this time of year, my beautiful docs are usually the innocent victim of my journey. On the way down the alley, heading for home I noticed something utterly beautiful, a lovely early bit of colour bought on by our unusually mild winter… just thought I’d share it with you.

So I thought that was a rather lovely start to the day. Then I came home and cracked on with a few of the little jobs I had to sort… Boooo! Big un had a little friend coming round after nursery so I knew I wouldn’t have much time to get stuff done then. Was hoping to get a bit further on my new project but that wasn’t to be (darn), this one is super TOP SECRET but I will be giving away a few spoilers along the way.

I am currently sat on the sofa surrounded but balls of wool of various colours and shades. I have a little bit of a OCD obsession with wool really where when I start a nice fresh ball of wool I need to roll it into a proper round ball not just the loose hank it comes in. Don’t ask me why but I can’t help myself, maybe it came from watching too much Wallace and Gromit as a kid, I secretly desire to be Wendoline. Anyway my very pretty colours are giving me itchy fingers to crack on but I shall resist for the time being at least, I have a rather cheeky batch of millionaire’s shortbread setting in the fridge for when Mr. C comes back from work (shhhhhh don’t tell him!), which still needs its chocolate topping added. While super secret project is underway I thought of maybe doing a lot less secret one that everyone could see using the same colour combinations (I’m in love, can you tell?).

Apologies for the super blurry photo’s, camera on my phone really didn’t like focussing on balls of wool. My secondary project I was thinking of was Blooming Flower Cushion. It’s so utterly gorgeous but looks rather complicated. I shall endeavour to have a bash a bit later on but can’t make you any promises at this very early stage.

Righty ho, off to check out some cookery books for plenty of cakey ideas for next week. I have had the bright idea of hosting a coffee morning at Big Un’s nursery on Tuesday in aid of Bliss and Cake A Difference week. More about that to follow soon.

Smoochers xxx


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